1st high-speed ocean response vessel

The Fort Ripley is the nation’s first high-speed offshore response vessel.  Our fast, efficient response boat, designed by C. Raymond Hunt Associates and built by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding,  is powered by innovative Volvo Pena IPS engines.   More.

15.03.boat1The fire-fighting, salvage and emergency response vessel has multiple dynamic features:

  • 30-knot service speed; range from Charleston Harbor to Morehead City of Jacksonville, within 33 CR 155 timeframes, including mobilization and outfitting.
  • 3,500 GPM dual-monitor foam fire-fighting system with dedicated diesel pump engine (sufficient for all tanker traffic currently trading in the region, and for Post-Panamax vessels up to approximately 14,000 TEU or 165,000 gross tons, applying the same GPM to deck area ratio as the current version of 33 CFR 155).
  • Dynamic positioning to maintain station when monitors activated.
  • Coast Guard-certificated for a 12-person response team plus crew, with overnight accommodations.
  • Diver platform.
  • Dual-purpose breathing apparatus recharging system for both fire and dive equipment.
  • 1,000-pound crane for debris removal and equipment transfer.
  • Deck cargo capacity for additional fire pumps, foam packs or lightering pumps, with hoses and associated gear.
  • VHF and satellite voice communications.
  • Day/night cameras with satellite data uplink.
  • Pyrolance steel penetrating nozzle system.