Our mission

The mission of Southeast Ocean Response is to provide superior readiness and capabilities in support of fire fighting, emergency response and salvage operations throughout the Southeast’s offshore waters.  We will be standing by with crews, seakeeping and equipment immediately ready to serve the vital commercial trades of the Southeast.


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Southeast Ocean Response Services, Inc. offers a fast-response 3500-GPM fireboat that can reach distressed ships from Wilmington, N.C. to Cape Canaveral, Fl. in less than six hours.  The FORT RIPLEY is on immediate recall 24/7/365, and is Coast Guard certificated to carry cargo, divers and other responders on Oceans routes.  Cruising speed is up to  28 knots with a range of 500 miles.  The FORT RIPLEY was specifically designed to satisfy the rapid response functions required in new Salvage and Marine Fire Fighting regulations, and carries an integrated foam firefighting system, air bottle replenishment, a Pyrolance penetrating nozzle, satellite communications, and a hydraulic crane.  The first-in-the-US Volvo triple IPS drive system allows for the impressive speed and range, and once on scene, performs automatic station keeping with the outboard engines while the center engine is dedicated to the fire pump.

“There’s never been a boat like this,” said Charleston Port Manager Walter Prause.  “We are bringing services to Charleston’s waterfront that do not currently exist.”

The FORT RIPLEY offers emergency response, emergency supplies, parts and crew delivery, and marine mammal response support.

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